My daughter and biggest favourite
Born in December 1997


We met over internet and I like him very much
Well, now he have a cat
Birman of course!

Carmen & Tanja Lindmayer

They bought Glitter´s Ozone & Glitter´s Ibiza from me
and I would gladly sell them anything
"A kingdom for a Cat"


You are my dearest friends.. Always! Love you!

Lise-Lotte Tufvesson

My best friend. We met over internet.
Lotta bought Caramel from me and she has five more Birmans.
And she also has a husband.


Diana Warlich

Diana is a Birman breeder in Argentina. She have become one of my dearest friend during the years. Now she finally got a Swedish cat. Backkara´s Amber a red tabby point female that is gorgeous.

Diana have invited me to her home and I really hope I could go there someday. That would be a dream come true.

Love you Diana

Riitta Penttilä from Finland

This is one of my dearest friend. We met when Riitta bought a cat from Mary Back and we have been e-mailing and talking over internet ever since. My wish is to visit her in Finland very soon.

A part of my heart is already there and now she also have a cat from me. Glitter´s Koh-I-Noor.

Love you Riitta.


Chocolat & Glitter´s Winnie lives with Birgitta.
She has taken the girls and their babies to her heart and takes
good care of them. I couldn´t think of a better home for a cat.

Birgitta raises the kittens with a warm heart and plenty of love.

Love you Birgitta



EC Zhamanen Ladhar Bheinn, JW SBI g


- CAT OF THE YEAR 2005 in Finland -

- BIRMAN ADULT OF THE YEAR 2005 in Finland -

- 5th best Semilonghair Kitten of the Year 2005 in Finland -

- 2nd best Birman Kitten of the Year 2005 in Finland -

- 2nd best Semilonghair Kitten of the Year 2005 in cat club PIROK -

- BIRMAN KITTEN OF THE YEAR 2004 in Finland -

- Best Semilonghair Kitten of the Year 2004 in PIROK -

- 4th best Semilonghair Kitten of the Year 2004 in Finland -


No wonder she´s a favourite.!!!

Konna´s owner and breeder, Mariia Touronen is also a BIG favourite of mine.

But the cat looks better on photos.


FIN*Zhamanen Briards & Birmans