On this page I will try to give You a glimpse of who I am. I will present my self, my family and my home in letters and with photos. I´m born in 1966 and we already had a cat in the family as I was born. She was a blue with white domestic cat and her name was Lizzy. She died at the age of 18 years. We kept one of her sons.  Ludde was a seal tabby with white and we had him as a doll. He got dressed in doll clothes and I think he enjoyed it. Ludde reach the age of 15 years.


Me and my daughter live in a house in Onslunda wilderness. I love the house and I will stay here rest of my life. i have 20 000 m2 land and I will make big runners for our cats and our dog.

This is our  house Rosentorp


Here I am on a show in Denmark. I´m holding Globetrotter and the judge is Bjarne Wikström from Finland. The cat next to us is Belizzas son Copywrite with his owner Kenneth Jakobsen.